Lawn Maintenance. how often?

You may have found the best lawn maintenance company, but still wonder how often you should schedule service for. When it comes to the frequency of your lawn mowing, the short answer is: it usually depends on the month.

Grass growth certainly varies throughout the year. However, in Florida, the time span of slow growth is greatly reduced due to our warm climate.

How often do you need to mow your lawn in Port Orange?

For warm-season type of grasses, they obviously grow faster in summer, whereas cool-season grasses grow the most during the spring and fall.

The above, combined with your desired lawn height, will reflect in how often you need our team to maintain your grass. Weekly lawn care during the growing season should be enough. November through January, will likely require bi-weekly maintenance . However, remember that in a warm climate like Florida, this is not necessarily true. Our team will honestly advice if your lawn needs to be serviced or if it’s best to skip a week.

Bear in mind that mowing your grass too short can weaken the grass roots, and could result in an unhealthy looking lawn. Eventually, it will likely need fertilization to restore its health. The ideal height? About 3 to 3 1/2 inches.

Our Lawns offers both weekly and bi-weekly lawn maintenance plans. For weekly customers, we will formulate a monthly price that will take into account the two months when you might need to be serviced every other week.

Extra tip: if you mowed your grass too short, remember to cut it during the third quarter of the moon phase. The gravitational pull caused by the Moon’s position is this phase, will help its growth. This is also true for tree pruning and bush trimming!

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