Is lawn Maintenance tax deductible?

lawn care taxes
lawn care taxes

As a home owner, you are eligible to write lawn maintenance expenses off your taxes. But that will only happen for the three following scenarios:

  1. You are renting your property to someone else
  2. You own a property under a LLC
  3. You have a home office

Let’s explore the first scenario. Much like a property manager, you can deduct lawn care expenses from your taxes when you are renting out to someone else. This scenario doesn’t leave any “if’s” or “but’s”: you can declare all of your lawn expenses. Just like you would with pressure washing or any other home improvement.

Another scenario: you are not renting your property to anyone, but simply own it under a LLC. You can equally claim all expenses. A limited liability company is, in facts, a commercial entity. We will soon elaborate on all the benefits tied to being an LLC home owner, so make sure to follow us on facebook for all new articles.

If you want to claim your lawn maintenance expenses as a home office, you will need to pay more attention. For example: you are regularly meeting clients on the premises. In this case you are eligible for lawn maintenance deductions. But that will be applied as a percentage: when you are using 10% of your property as your home office, then you will be able to claim 10% of your lawn maintenance expenses. It’s always going to be proportional to the percentage of your home you are using as home office.

We will always provide with invoices, or re-print/re-send invoices for you on request. You can keep them in your emails (so to avoid unnecessary shoeboxes filled with receipts) and make all appropriate deductions. Normally, if you paid by credit card, you shouldn’t need to store receipts, however, we recommend that you consult a tax professional on this matter.

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