Tree Stumps turned into sculptures: Andrea Gandini

tree stump port orange

We are used to seeing tree stumps as a problem needing to be removed from yards. And a pretty big one too – as it could eventually lead do pests, fungi and lawn diseases.  

Young artist Andrea Gandini has the ability to find beauty where we normally wouldn’t. Instead of seeing an unremoved tree stump as an annoying presence, he sees sculptures waiting to be born. He started noticing tree stumps around the streets of Rome, and decided to bring them back to life and turn them into something beautiful.


tree stump port orange

“I believe the meaning in what I do is to find individuality inside a trunk, because trees are individual living being:” Gandini says. “Each and every time, I try to create a sculpture that can give justice to that raw material, in memory of that one living individual who has died”.

The results are amazing. Those tree stumps that the city hall had taken down due to illnesses, pests or root reasons, are no longer unaesthetic presences on the side of the Italian Capital. They catch the eye and gather tourists around them just like any other sightseeing spot in the city.

tree stump

A tourist writes: “This is Art”

If we all had the skills, the creativity to do that with that poor tree stump in our backyard! – We’d turn it into something special or unique. Our gardens would turn into open air museums. The pests wouldn’t probably like to attack a sculpture which has been post-treated with chemicals… problem solved!

Unfortunately we, average Joes,  will likely have to address the tree stump matter in different ways. Unless we can afford a wood sculptor to help us out.

Normally, tree stumps are mechanically removed, chemically removed, grinded, turned into mulch for your yard (and this is actually a great idea!), and sometimes end up as firewood.

Although all of this sounds very sad after opening up to the beauty within the tree stomp. But we still must deal with it. And Our Lawns is ready to advice and help.

See Andrea Gandinis work on his website: http://andreagandini.art/

And on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gandini.andrea/

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