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This is another necessary glossary for our readers: Pressure Washing and Power Washing are different practices. It’s important to understand the differences in order to choose the right service, and hire the right company. It’s easy to use the two terms interchangeably. Or even assume that “power” washing is a more “effective” way to pressure wash. Find the differences below!

Power washing

How it’s done: by using pressurized water.

What does it address? It targets mold, dirt, mud and other material at surface level. So, what is the difference with pressure washing? Power washing uses hot water. In this case, heated water makes it easier to remove superficial material. It’s perfect to remove traces of grease or greasy material, as the heat dilutes grease. It also addressed very well mildew and salt stains.

When to avoid: if you want to clean surfaces other than concrete or cement, which is less likely to be damaged by power washing. Do you need to clean your fences? Skip to the next section.

External link: Power washing guidelines.

Pressure Washing

How it’s done: this procedure only uses water pressure. No heat. The mechanical force produced by water projected at a high pressure removes the particles of dirt from the target surfaces.

What does it address? This is the most versatile service, and as they say… almost everybody is a pressure washing perspective customer. Sidewalks, walls, patios, fences, driveways, pool area, building facades, vehicles… you name it. It’s an extremely effective way to clean large surfaces too (such as stadiums!). It’s a low cost way to maintain your property, even on monthly basis.

When to avoid: even though it’s preferable to pressure wash harder surfaces such as concrete, it’s often used to clean windows (but do not try DIY: it can cause damage)! Unlike power washing, the damage linked to pressure washing is almost non-existent, while you’re going to be looking at great results.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing’s main asset isn’t pressure or heat but chemicals. So it won’t need a PSI over 1000 (which is the meter to measure water pressure power), it uses formulated detergents. These chemicals aren’t generally harmful for people, objects or the environment – but then again, it depends on what company you decide to hire, and what products they normally use. The targets for soft washing are: cedar wood, screen doors, coquinas, stuccos, and other surfaces which may be sensitive to strong water pressure.

Our Lawns offers Pressure Washing services at this time. We also combine it with detergents which will keep brightening your surfaces after our service. For example, in the case of rust stains, this is very effective. As we just said, this is our preferred method, even though it may not be applicable to all circumstances. Reach out for a free consultation and estimate, we’ll give you our honest opinion!

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