9 Types of grass in Port Orange

lawn types port orange

Your typical Port Orange lawn

Choosing the right kind of lawn is one of the most vital choices you can make for the exterior of your home. The kind of grass to install/seed for lawns in Port Orange and surrounding area, is obviously a personal choice. This infographic shows how each type of grass looks.

You may want to compare the looks, as they can also have an effect on the aspect of your property. But do not forget the magic word…lawn maintenance! This one can be a tough task, and make you quickly forget how pretty a certain type of grass looks.
When narrowing down your choice for the right type of grass for your lawn, you might want to avoid focusing on the aesthetics of the grass only, but also think about the many different variants, (such as: shade-prone, salinity, heat, and resistance to draught). 

So, for all those factors, please check our Guide to Grass Types for the specifics. Whatever grass you choose, Our Lawns will be happy to assist you in keeping your turf fresh, healthy and eye-pleasant!

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