What month does grass grow the most?

Grass Growth Calendar

As you can see from the growth calendar above, there are two main grass growth spurs during the year: in spring (peaking in May) and a second one, starting at the end of summer. The is a little decline in summer, some time around august.

Also notice how the roots growth mirrors the grass blades growth. There are several reasons behind the brief summer decline: heat stress, deficit or excessive soil moisture, humidity levels. Obviously, warm weather grasses are more resistant to these factors, therefore experience less summer growth decline.

Second Grass Growth Wave

Once the summer stress factor start to disappear, grass growth gets back on track starting in September. In November, grass growth starts to decline again, leading to winter dormancy (December through February).

It’s important to note that grass still needs to be mowed during winter – but the growth rate will be much lower. Normally, it will be mowed twice a month or less. An exception to this is represented by cool weather grasses. Do not mow your grass when it doesn’t need to be mowed: cutting it too short may damage your turf and lead to lawn diseases.

At the time we are writing this article (March), we just entered the Spring Growth phase. Any lawn care professional knows this is the time when service requests grow exponentially. It’s important to be able to secure your lawn service spot around this time of the year.

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