Why paying for your lawn service in Winter

Winter lawn care may come with the following question:

“Why should I still pay $100 for December if I only received 2 cuts?”.

When you are on a flat fee throughout the year, you must keep in mind that the monthly price you are paying is set to be an AVERAGE.

We feel that many fellow lawn service providers struggle with explaining the concept of a flat-fee lawn care cost to customers: we have to say that most customers intuitively understand this. We’ll explain exactly how this works, and why most lawn care companies and customers use (and prefer) this plan.

1. Lawn service cost will actually be more affordable this way.

During high growth season (which, in Florida, can last very long…) you are paying a LOWER PRICE than you would if you were paying by the cut. That is less money out of your pocket in the busy months, but paying the same monthly price during the 3 winter months still goes to your favor. Being on a flat monthly fee plan can save you quite a bit of money throughout the year, even if you keep paying the same price during the few cold months we have. Our flat-fee is our discount for you, and it can only make sense on a year-long view.

Deciding to only pay for lawn service in summer will not only raise your bill then, but will also make it harder for you to even find available companies, as most of them will be booked. We do our best to take on new customers, but should there be any limited availability for us, our yearly customers will definitely be the ones deserving our priority.

2. Number of serviced weeks is actually something to think about.

On a monthly fee throughout the year, you are charged for an average of 4 weeks a month. Some months though, will have five weeks of service for you, but you would still be paying for 4 weeks. Example:


“Bi-weekly” in winter may also mean 3-weeks in a month, since the weeks simply alternate. At that point, if you’re paying per cut, you’d be paying $90. When you could have otherwise paid $80.


As you can see, the yearly price balances out a cheaper cost for high-growth months, with the three slow-growth months of the year. The price you are paying is (once again) an average which ultimately benefits you.

Please also consider that:

3. We can still do things around your yard.

Not only you’d be paying less than you would on price per cut, and you don’t have to frantically search for a lawn service provider in summer. We are still checking on your lawn (and the growth of your grass) and if we see that you need branches removed, or leaves blown off, we’ll do it.

4. The discounted rate cannot be taken back once abandoned.

No difference in invoices each month, no calculating all the services you received in order to note down how much (more!) you should be paying. That sounds good.

But please bear in mind that if you do choose to switch to a price-per cut, or stop service in winter, we will not be able to switch you back to our discounted flat fee when the high season comes, for obvious reasons. The discounted rate throughout the year is only offered once, and cannot be taken back during high season only. 

Additionally, our priority in summer will be given to regular monthly customers and we will not guarantee that you will stay on our routes, in absence of any contract. We see the relationships with our customers as mutually respectful.

5. Most lawn companies work this way.

You might go through several companies only to find that this is the only way to operate in this business, and the most convenient one for both provider and customer.

You may plan on finding a new lawn company in summer (if you find one that’s open to new customers then!), signing up for a discounted price, canceling in winter and repeat the operation every year with a different company. Unfortunately, this is not only difficult, but once you have exhausted the options in the area, you’ll also be at an impasse regarding your lawn maintenance.

We hope to have cleared your doubts! Transparency is vital for us!

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