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Dormant Grass or Dead Grass?

Brown grass can be a difficult sight to spot on your property. You may be confused as for what is causing it: are you looking at dormant grass or dead grass? It’s important to know this as grass that is lifeless will no longer come back, whereas dormancy is a safety mechanism for your grass

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9 Types of grass in Port Orange

Your typical Port Orange lawn Choosing the right kind of lawn is one of the most vital choices you can make for the exterior of your home. The kind of grass to install/seed for lawns in Port Orange and surrounding area, is obviously a personal choice. This infographic shows how each type of grass looks.

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Water Saving Lawn Irrigation Tips

Sustainable Lawn Irrigation Our infographic summarizes all the tips recommended by the University of Florida which will significantly save water for your lawn irrigation.

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Lawns and Sustainability

Will sustainable lawns become a reality? The main reason behind the recent anti-lawn movement really is a sustainability concern: but sustainable lawns may actually become common practice. Lawns cover 2% of U.S. land. Despite many trends suggesting lawn alternatives (growing vegetables, using rocks or mulching), the anti-lawn movement is barely taking foot — even after increasing concerns

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Frost Damage? Port Orange lawns covered in frost!

Should a lawn company in Florida even talk about the possibility of frost damage? Well. Today we woke up to an unusual sight: our Port Orange lawn was covered in frost! The unusual cold weather which has hit Volusia county may be one of the factors associated with climate change, which is affecting our backyards.

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Pressure Washing VS Power Washing

This is another necessary glossary for our readers: Pressure Washing and Power Washing are different practices. It’s important to understand the differences in order to choose the right service, and hire the right company. It’s easy to use the two terms interchangeably. Or even assume that “power” washing is a more “effective” way to pressure

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